For those pupils who want to know more

Curriculum Enrichment is available as lesson enrichment during the school day for those pupils who want to know more and develop their cultural capital through connecting with experts in a variety of fields. Participants will have the chance to pose questions to our experts and also to tackle some tasks and challenges related to what they hear.

Bringing Speakers From The World Of Work LIVE! Into Schools

Careers in the Classroom offers children the chance to hear from these experts in their own words and to question those who do these jobs day in, day out. Children could meet anyone from mechanics and engineers to stage actors and social media stars. Events take place in the early afternoon, twice per half term and are pitched for children in Years 5 to 8.

Forthcoming Curriculum Enrichment activities: Careers in the Classroom

Careers in the Classroom (one each half term) brings expert speakers from the world of work into the classroom, expanding children’s knowledge of the range of careers available to them. For years 5-8.

Careers in the Classroom will restart in September 2024. Click below to register your interest.

Content Providers Include:

Previous Curriculum Enrichment has included...

Sessions include a talk, a live Q&A with our experts and activities for pupils. to try their hand. Engagement with experts from different careers will help schools to achieve the Gatsby benchmarks for careers education in schools and provide new plentiful opportunities for cross-curricular learning.

Please note, sing up for our Curriculum Enrichment and Highlight Speakers programmes is only available to participating schools. If you would like your school to take part, please contact a relevant member of staff and put them in touch with us.

"Deepen, enrich and inspire"

"ExpertEd gives our pupils access to a range of exciting and inspirational experts in their field; this will deepen, enrich and inspire in turn our children to be the experts of the future."

Ben Arnell, Headteacher
/ St Andrews Primary School